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With 50 years in the packaging industry, we are confident in our ability to provide you with the best suited solution to your unique needs at a competitive rate.

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Packaging Solutions

Shrink Wrappers

Sealing Machines

For new/ small scale business – used to seal a package/product without the use of a heat tunnel.


For new/ small scale business


For small/medium sized businesses, scale business


High Speed

For Large businesses – includes options such as; long in-feed systems, lane-sorting, pad insertion, tray-erection and anything else we can provide to suit your needs.


Case Packing

Case Packers

This machine automatically packs collated product into cases, with different variants of machines depending on the product and the case.


This machine automatically packs collated product into cartons, with different variants of machines depending on the product and the carton.







The palletiser collates packs into layers and then stacks the layers into pallets for logistical purposes.


A robot is an alternative to a palletiser, it arranges the packs into layers and then repeats on each layer until a full pallet is formed.

Stretch Wrappers

This machine wraps film around pallets in order to seal and secure them during transport.


Conveying Systems



Conveyors get your product from A to B. We have a variety of methods to do this, depending on your factory layout and product.

Pallet Conveyors

Once your product is palletised, these heavy duty conveyors get them where they need to be. Can also be used for in conjunction with a stretch-wrapper.

Elevators / Lowerators

Wether you need to lift your products, or bring them down – we’ve got a way.

Filling & Labelling

Filling Equipment

With a variety of fillers depending on your package and scale. We can make something to your exact needs.

Labellers / Barcode Applicators

Can be made to fit most packs & boxes.

Turn-Key Solutions


System Integration – Auto-line control – Motion Control

Machines Manufactured

Countries of Export

Service Hours

Sales Representatives Worldwide

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While you read more about us, get in touch with us and tell us a little about your packaging needs and we can get back to you with possible solutions tailor-made to your specific needs

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We also do


We laser-cut as much of the parts used in the manufacturing of our machines, while providing laser-cutting as a service to our clients


We manufacture and engineer parts for ourselves as well as our clients.


We pride ourselves on our service. Besides providing around the clock service with all of our machines, we are more than happy to provide you service for any issues you may have with third-party equipment.

The Team

We have all the right ingredients in terms of personnel to provide you with a solution, as well as a great experience.


Knowledgable Salesmen

Will get you what you need.


Experienced Draughtsmen

Will think up a way to make it.


Skilled Technicians

Will make sure you’re up and running.

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